Artificial Intelligence

Agricultural Innovation


Why is not Britain as a major agricultural country, Japan?

What is the problem?

Why do ruin a large amount of rice?

Declining birthrate and aging?

The country that makes motorcycles that will not collapse.That is Japan!

If there is a bad law, you can change it

If there is a bad system, change it

It is the artificial intelligence translating this sentence

The machine learning API is open to the public

Is there something you can not do on the farm where mobile phones connect?

The cultivation condition of Hokkaido crops can be managed from Kashiwa City

There is car sharing, why is there no agricultural machine sharing?

Is there a reason why it can not be harvested in the middle of the night?

『いけいけ にゃんこ』『GO!GO!CAT』


  • 機械分野、電気・電子分野、組込制御分野、情報システム/クラウド分野、化学・バイオ分野等、各種技術分野における設計/開発及び付帯業務
  • ソーシャルゲーム、iOS/Androidアプリの企画/開発
  • AI(Artificial Intelligence)/IoT(Internet of Things)/HMI(Human Machine Interface)分野における研究/開発
  • HR(Human Resources)分野におけるコンサルティング
  • ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)分野におけるコンサルティング/導入支援/開発
  • 自社開発診断ツール(HQ,COS,MSI)を用いたアセスメント/診断サービス
  • 技術者派遣(特定派遣)


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